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We Make Your Goals Our Business
 Welcome to DO IT NOW Pros, home of DO IT NOW ProductionZ and DO IT NOW Referees. 
 Our clients enjoy a higher level of productivity, as we help them achieve their goals with Custom Designed, 
Creative and Dynamic Presentations and Programs. Our number one product is InPHONEmercialZ, which 
 takes Music ON HOLD to a whole new level of productivity. We also provide Full Service Referee Assigning. 
 While this may seem like a rather bizarre combination, an interesting synergy revealed itself, that was simply 
 too powerful to ignore, so we "metaphorically speaking" took  the ball and ran with it! Marketing and sports
 are both highly competitive, requiring Creative, Strategic Planning and Implementation. 
 (In fact, we've always thought of marketing as a sport). 
 Both require  Effective  Communication,  Scheduling and  "Game Management".  As we worked diligently to
 provide the ultimate  service in both arenas, we noticed significant improvements in our effectiveness in both. 
 More importantly, our clients noticed, shared their happy experience and encouraged us to do more of it. 
 Of course, we were loving the positive feedback, and we always try to exceed expectations, but quite frankly,
 we were a little perplexed as to the cause of such a significant spike in effectiveness. It was time to dig in and
 find the answers, and as it turned out it was perfectly logical but not as obvious as we'd hoped.